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Jonathan Nez for Congress

On the Issues

Putting the needs of rural Arizonans over DC politics
Democracy and Voting Rights

On the Navajo Nation, and on many tribal lands in CD2, voting is already hard, and Arizona is still ground zero for attacks on election security. Jonathan believes participating in our democracy is not only our right but our responsibility. In Washington, he’ll stand up to partisan attacks on mail-in voting and Arizona’s time-tested election infrastructure.


Currently, fentanyl flows across our southern border and innocents are human trafficked. Our broken immigration system has undermined our national security, hamstrung our trade economy, and put families in danger. We need comprehensive reform that invests in 21st-century security technology, hires more border agents and caseworkers, and establishes a fair pathway to citizenship.

Lowering costs

Be it child care, housing, groceries, or elder care, rural Arizonans are still paying too much for the things they need to live. Jonathan believes we need to take commonsense steps to fight inflation, cut costs, and get families back on their feet.

Opioid crisis

As a young man, Jonathan overcame addiction and restarted his life. He’s seen firsthand the devastation the opioid crisis has had on rural and tribal Arizona and the drastic drop in interest in this crisis from Washington elites. He knows this is an ongoing problem – we need real resources to fight this epidemic.

Protecting Arizona’s Water and Climate

Arizonans are at the forefront of climate change. Drought, wildfires, and rising temperatures worsen every year. Jonathan is committed to securing Arizona’s water future and making sure our state’s environment can continue to support the growth we’re seeing.

Putting Arizonans first

From making sure infrastructure dollars reach our outdated roads to improving flood control projects to opening new community centers, Jonathan believes rural Arizona is at an exciting crossroads, where real change is possible. In Congress, Jonathan will fight to ensure the Second District gets its fair share of resources while putting the needs of rural Arizona ahead of partisan politics to deliver the real change that is possible.

Reproductive rights

For Jonathan, the right to choose is about individual sovereignty. In Arizona, we don’t let anyone tell us what to do – especially about our own bodies.

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